It all started when...

Danuza loves beauty. She searches for beauty everyday… every moment… Beauty is a work in process… It starts within… She strongly believes beauty starts from within. Danuza have been always curious about studying nutrition and the role that food plays on how we age and the health of our skin. Not only food but also the quality of thoughts we cultivate in our minds. What we put in and on our bodies not only affects how healthy we are on the inside, but it also affects how we look on the outside. Danuza's fascination with skin care products began when I was very young. She acquired all sorts masks, creams and lotions  from her mom, aunties, and grandmothers. After dealing with acne and hyper-pigmentation, she dove even deeper to find answers and she discovered that there is beauty in the process of healing. Looking at yourself, accepting where you are and learning to be patient to see the changes you desire. Danuza works with your relationship with your skin. What Does does beauty means to you? What are the voices that comes to your mind when you think of yourself? What Do you want people to think when they look at you? A facial with Danuza is much more than a hands on facial. She listens and uses her intuitions to meet your needs.

Body and Mind Tranquility Facial - 60 minutes “Integrative Therapy for Maintaining Radiance at Every Age” {$90}

Clients of all ages can maintain radiance while improving the appearance of past conditions that may have resulted in loss of elasticity, dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, inflammation and wrinkles. This therapy is suitable for anyone and even more incredible when the skin is functioning optimally.

• Holistic consultation with analysis
• Cleansing
• Gentle exfoliation (as appropriate) 
• Steaming
• Manual removal of debris (extractions, including milia as appropriate) 
• Customized treatment mask
• Treatment massage to promote overall vitality

And may include, if appropriate: 
• Herbal compression
• Physiological modalities (LED Phototherapy, Fascia/Lymphatic Manipulation, Gua Sha) 
• Energetic Modalities (Facial Point Stimulation-similar to reflexology or acupressure, Reiki, healing stones massage) 
• Personalized take-home worksheets

Add on

Advanced Exfoliation - Personalized Advanced Exfoliation method that will best suit your needs:

• Diamond Dermabrasion with Ultrasonic Lift-off
Recommended for thickened skin with impacted congestion where we want phototherapy to penetrate deeply into.

• Alpha-Beta Peel
Recommended for re-setting oil function and giving the skin an amazing glow 10-15 days later

• Seasonal Pumpkin Enzyme Peel
Recommended for immediate gratification and promoting cellular renewal


Body-Mind Alignment

When your body and mind are in alignment you are able to tune into the energetic hum of the universe. In this state of alignment you release your mind’s grip on the physical world, allowing the flow of energy to pass around and through you, finding specifically the areas where you need a tune-up and delivering them instantaneous healing love and a subtle body pep-talk.

The deeply satisfying and relaxing process of Body-Mind Alignment is a gentle Facial Point Stimulation massage that activates the body’s parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest) as it guides your brain to find deeper rhythms that lead to Theta (conscious visualization) through Delta (a subconscious state where spontaneous healing is known to occur) states, creating an unhindered bridge between your physical being and your mind. While you contentedly relax in this state, we stimulate specific points (similar to reflexology) to give a gentle energetic nudge to each of your body systems.

All of this is punctuated with Grounding Energy (similar to reiki), mantras, abundant use of incredible crystals, and sound healing with our Elemental Balancing Bells. You will also get very specific self-care recommendations to help you grow out of your current concerns and conditions.

Specific Facial Massages for you to use at home

Breathing Techniques

Holistic Self-Care Worksheets

Though all of our services contain elements of Body-Mind Alignment, the stand-alone service is a unique experience in self-love and self care. Body-Mind Alignment can be added to the facial.

45 minutes {+100}


For Your Eyes Only

Energetic Eye Lift 
The treatment starts with Eye Mask which prepares the skin around the eyes to accept phototherapy. In addition to integrated therapies of LED light, which boosts collagen, we use Facial Point Stimulation (Facial Reflexology), Gua Sha and lymphatic drainage to improve both the physical functioning of the skin as well as the energetic messages of the subtle body providing lasting results that actually improve over time.

When will I see the results? Though the skin will appear firmer and more uplifted immediately, the full results of this service are most visible in 10-14 days and may even continue to improve. The results are actual and cumulative.

30 minutes {+$60}

Ultrasonic/Microcurrent Eye Lift 
Ultrasonic waves provide a unique type of massage that smooths out the eye area while active vitamins (such as DMAE) and Calming Botanicals penetrate the skin to tighten the under-eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Micro-current is then utilized to give the muscles around the eye a specialized workout: resulting in an immediate temporary lift. Great when you have something important you want to feel and look awake for!

30 minutes {+$60}

Functional Self-Care Consultation

Come sit down and discuss your health journey though a functional lens. You will go through your dietary and lifestyle habits with a fine-tooth comb to determine where you could improve the way your body gets its basic needs met in order to improve functionality.

You will leave with a clear understanding of how to go from where you are to a place of true "self" care. I will plot out a Plan for Optimal Vibrancy and give you specific worksheets to follow to get you to your next step.

Please come with an open mind, as well as a list of supplements and medications you are taking. A week of a dietary/lifestyle journal is helpful, though not necessary.

Initial Consultation {60 minutes. $100} 
Continuing Consultations {30 minutes. $75} 
Package {1 Initial Consultation, 3 Continuing Consultations. $280}

(Does NOT include facial or treatments)


We use only natural products in all facial services, ensuring that you (as well as me!) are completely free from artificial preservatives, toxins and other irritants. 


All Wildcrafted, Organic and Natural ingredients in outstanding High Performance products that give gratifying Results for both for the end-user and the professional care-giver alike. Fall in love with the inviting aromas. Feel the purity. Experience the results…and you’ll never want to use anything else on your skin.

Spa Technologies

Spa Technologies organic skincare ocean-ceuticals: the best anti-aging skincare products. Organic ingredients, seaweed algae base, ferulic, botanicals, liquid oxygen, vitamin C and E esters, and organic essential oils for profound rejuvenating. Wild-crafted and organic seaweed is food-grade algae harvested from pure waters off the coasts of Brittany and Iceland, tested for purity.


302 Skincare is particularly well formulated for those having conditions of rosacea, acne, hyper-pigmentation, scarring, inflammation, dryness, or advanced aging changes of thinning or irregularly textured skin. 302 Professional Skincare has a unique molecule, called Avogen, discovered in a certain avocado variety found in the rainforest of Central America. Avogen stimulates glucose activation in the skin tissues and is the main active ingredient in 302 professional skincare products.


Éminence is an award-winning company in Hungary with an all-organic approach of making products from the highest possible levels of organically grown herbs, fruits and vegetables. The vitamins are captured in their natural base, offering dramatic results. The scents will please you, and the therapeutic effects will convince you.